We very much appreciate our stroke & turn judges in the Suburban Swim League!  Being a stroke & turn judge is an important role.  Your eyes help each team's coaches know what exactly our developing swimmers need to work on to improve their swimming skills.  Through education comes success and through success comes confidence. 

If any of our previously trained stroke & turn judges would like to brush up on their knowledge, you can access online stroke and turn training by clicking here... 

Please keep the following points in mind while performing your duty as a stroke & turn judge:

1.  This is a recreational league.  We are not expecting kids to swim at an elite level.
2.  We want kids to love this sport of swimming.  While we want to have the kids learn good technique, we don't want to be aggressively strict with our youngest swimmers.
3.  Having to disqualify a swimmer is not a punishment.  It is feedback that allows the swimmer to learn proper swimming technique.  Proper technique will allow them to feel competent in the sport of swimming through fewer DQ's and faster times.  Competency will increase the swimmer's enjoyment in the sport. 
4.  If you are unsure of whether you should call something as a DQ, the benefit goes to the swimmer.
5.  The swimmers want the meets to be fair above all else.  They rely on your watchful eye and full attention to the pool.  Please provide them with that while you are on duty as a stroke and turn judge.
6.  We appreciate you greatly!  Thank you!!

A big thank you to Dave Raymond for helping us put together this video!